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TreeFixPro is a program designed to bring local contractors in your area together that have the expertise to take care of all aspects of your possible tree care needs. Whatever you need we’ve got you covered from every angle including ISA Certified Arborist health evaluations, risk assessment, legal issues, soil renovation, landscape modifications, irrigation, insect and disease control, pruning large trees, corrective pruning, and more! If you needexpert tree help, this is the way to find the best contractors to do the job right. To get started select a service below!

Latest Tree Care News

Inspecting Trees

How can I determine if my tree is healthy?

We all tend to ignore our trees until something dramatic grabs our attention such as, leaves falling off, or half the tree turning yellow. By the time the dramatic signs are happening, it can be too late to fix the problem. It is important to take the time to inspect your trees as often as possible.

Does it pay to spray oil on trees?

Oil sprays, often called Dormant Oil or Horticulture Oil sprays, have been used for years for insect control on trees. But is it really effective and worth it?