Tree Care Services

Landscape Services

The environment your tree is growing in has a direct effect on health. Often your Tree Evaluation will find issues with drainage, compaction or ways to create better maintenance surrounding the root zone. This can lead to the need to re-design the landscape. Too much water will eventually kill a tree, so drainage is very […]

Tree Health Care

Insects, disease, proper irrigation and soil renovation, are key elements to healthy sustainable trees. Your Tree Evaluation will determine if there is a health problem to address. It is very important to properly identify not only the pest but why the problem is occurring. An example is needles dropping from a conifer tree due to […]

Tree Accessories

Yes, trees do accessorize… Custom lighting is very popular and a nice way to highlight your trees. This includes Christmas lights and permanent interior lights. It is important to use a contractor with the training to protect tree roots and exterior trunks. Only a trained professional should apply hardware such as bracing and cabling in […]

Tree Planting

It is so important to select the right tree for the right environment and to plant the tree properly in the first place. TreeFixPro nurseries work with Certified Arborist to help ensure this is done correctly. This starts with the correct species, planted with the right equipment In a landscape environment which will sustain the […]

Tree Pruning

Trees need consistent proper pruning. It is critical you make sure the person doing the pruning has complete knowledge on how the tree should grow biologically and structurally. For example – if a pruner does not understand how a branch collar heals the tree, the wound they create may never heal and create rot in […]

Tree Evaluation and Legal

A Tree Health Evaluation is a one-on-one appointment with an ISA Certified Arborist reviewing your trees health situation. This usually takes about an hour. The first twenty minutes is spent going through the Tree Health Booklet. Please fill out the form below and we will be happy to provide a bid for your evaluation. You get […]