Who is TreeFixPro?

Tree Fix Pro originated from the need to be able to direct clients to qualified contractors for tree-specific issues.  Ted Smith, an ISA Certified Arborist, and ISA Registered Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) Consultant, would evaluate client’s trees, but not have qualified specialists to address specific tree needs. To remedy that, TreeFixPro (TreeFixIdaho) was formed to have a base of qualified contractors clients could use.


How does TreeFixPro work?

Contractors must agree to comply with ISA (International Society of Arborist) guidelines for proper tree care which includes ANSI written standards, to be a part of the program.
If a contractor does not comply, or if a client has an issue with a contractor that can not be resolved, the contractor is removed from the program.

What is the Tree Evaluation and do I have to use it?

The Tree Evaluation is between you and a contractor that offers an evaluation service. The advantage of using an independent evaluator is you know they are not trying to sell you something. You are paying them to help you understand what your tree needs; and be able to communicate that with whichever contractor you may choose. You do not have to use the Evaluation to get a bid from a contractor on TreeFixPro. If you do choose to have a written evaluation, you can then send that to the contractor which helps them bid your work.

How do I know I am getting a fair price?

TreeFixPro is open to all qualified contractors who choose to participate. When you request a bid, it will be emailed to every contractor listed in that category. At that point, you are dealing directly with that specific contractor who responds. That contractor is free to offer any competitive price for the work you need done.

Is TreeFixPro liable for my work?

TreeFixPro is simply a way for you to find qualified contractors. They do not endorse or recommend the contractor and all business arrangements are directly between you and the contractor. TreeFixPro does not assume any liability for any work done by the contractor. We always recommend you ask any contractor for proper licensing and proof of insurance. We also request you fill in a feedback form after the work and rate that contractor for us on Google to help other clients who are looking for the best fit for their tree needs.