Tree Pruning

Trees need consistent proper pruning. It is critical you make sure the person doing the pruning has complete knowledge on how the tree should grow biologically and structurally. For example – if a pruner does not understand how a branch collar heals the tree, the wound they create may never heal and create rot in the tree within a matter of a few years. Another issue can be pruning all the lower branches off, creating wind and growth issues that leads to the tree self-destructing.

The first question is, how large are your trees, to determine which company to request a bid from. Many people ignore younger trees when they can be inexpensively pruned for proper structure. This mistake creates severe problems as the tree grows, so we strongly encourage juvenile corrective tree pruning, especially with fruit trees. Larger tree pruning requires not only the knowledge of how to prune the tree properly, but the right equipment and means to remove debris without harming your landscape.

Anyone can claim they know how to prune a tree; our Tree Evaluation helps you be able to determine if that person really knows what they are talking about. To protect your trees, only use qualified pruners that are ISA Certified or have formally been trained by ISA Arborist.


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